BBA members

Our Mission

  • To establish a network of African American lawyers, judges, law students, and law professors, providing access to resources designed to enhance and promote skill and expertise in the practice of law.
  • To promote and advocate for the integration of African Americans in all aspects of the study, practice adjudication, and instruction of the law.
  • To sponsor seminars and programs to provide continuing legal education.
  • To provide and assist in educational opportunities available to African American students in the study of the law and educational areas outside of the law, including endowment and scholarship opportunities.
  • To provide mentoring to African American/minority law students and young attorneys.
  • To promote the importance of education as an economic lifeline.
  • To foster respect for the law among African American youth and re-educate as it relates to the American Justice System.
  • To educate the community on legal matters of interest and concern to African Americans, and to become an active voice in the community.
  • To encourage increased cooperation and understanding between the legal community and the citizens it serves.
  • To educate and inform the public on matters of justice and equal opportunity in the study and practice of law.
  • To affiliate with other organizations to address community concerns outside the law.
  • To cooperate with other bar associations and other organizations in furtherance of these charitable, educational, and community objectives.
  • To systematically be heard in the African American community on legal issues so that a recognizable voice and platform will be established.
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